Todd S. Woodward, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UBC




Exciting news! The CNoS Lab was awarded a generous grant on April 21, 2017 that will allow us to move forward with innovative research. The lab will be purchasing a GTEN (Geodesic Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation) neuromodulation add on for our 256 channel EEG system. This means we will be able to explore how modulation of brain networks effects treatment of people with schizophrenia.  Read more on our Research page!


The Cognitive Neuroscience of Schizophrenia Laboratory (CNoS) is located in the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute (BCMHARI) housed on

the 3rd floor of the Translational Research Building of the CFRI at Children's and Women's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. We focus on functional neuroimaging and

cognitive neuropsychiatry. We are committed to developing a cognitive and biological understanding of the symptoms of schizophrenia, and translating this information

back to people with schizophrenia so that they will better understand their illness, and through this insight, be better able to cope with their symptoms.


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